I'm a Career & Personal Development Strategy Coach---​​Entrepreneurs who are in search of personal development and learning success strategies hire me to overcome their limiting beliefs and develop healthy habits, a successful mindset, and SMART goals. Bottom line we help you develop a more positive attitude, set achievable goals, and make better choices in life


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My name is Davida Shensky, and I am a Career & Personal Development Strategy Coach. Combining my passion for psychology, mental health, and rehabilitation counseling, I strive to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs and achieve personal success on a daily basis. My ultimate goals are to open doors for people with disabilities, promote societal acceptance, and attain complete independence and financial security. In my free time, I indulge in reading romance novels, watching movies from the 80's, and listening to music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's - finding joy and inspiration in the past while paving the way for a brighter future.

Our goal here is to  help you:

Unlock your potential and help you overcome your limiting beliefs which requires a combination of empathy, empowerment, and actionable strategies. Here are some ways you can support someone in this process:
1. Active Listening: Give them a safe space to express their limiting beliefs and concerns without judgment. Listen attentively and empathetically to understand their perspective fully.
2. Reframe Negative Thoughts: Help you recognize and challenge your negative self-talk. Encourage you to replace self-limiting beliefs with positive and empowering affirmations.
3. Set Small, Achievable Goals: Break down your larger goals into smaller, realistic milestones. By achieving these achievable goals, you build confidence and gradually dispel your limiting beliefs.
4. Encourage Self-Reflection: Promote introspection by asking meaningful questions that allow you to explore your beliefs and values. This self-reflection helps you gain insight into your thought patterns and beliefs.
5. Provide Supportive Feedback: Offer constructive feedback that highlights your strengths and achievements, reinforcing your belief in your capabilities. Encourage a growth mindset by emphasizing the potential for continuous improvement.
6. Offer Personal Development Resources: Share books, podcasts, articles, or online courses that focus on personal growth and overcoming limiting beliefs. These resources can provide inspiration, tools, and techniques for self-improvement.
7. Foster a Supportive Community: Encourage you to connect with like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of personal growth. Surrounding yourself with supportive people who can provide encouragement, accountability, and diverse perspectives.
8. Visualization and Positive Imagery: Guide you through visualization exercises where you envision yourself achieving your goals. This practice helps rewire the subconscious mind and reinforces positive beliefs.
9. Celebrate Successes: Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small. This boosts your confidence and reinforces the belief that you are capable of achieving more.
10. Offer Professional Support: If your limiting beliefs significantly impact your well-being, we suggest you consider a referral to a qualified therapist, life coach, or counselor who specializes in personal development and belief systems.

Remember, everyone's journey is unique, so we tailor your approach to their specific needs and comfort levels. Be patient, compassionate, and supportive throughout the process as they work on unlocking their potential and overcoming their limiting beliefs


Career & Personal Development Strategy Coach.  Develop a more positive attitude, set achievablde goals, and make better choices in life.  Launch, Grow, & Expand an E-Commerce Business


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